Faulty Products

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When you purchase a product, you expect that the product is safe for you and your family to use and have in your home. However, product designers and manufacturers can make mistakes – products can have poor product design, inadequate warning or labeling, poor quality or just simply malfunction. Any of these product issues can lead to serious injuries, burns, electrocution and can sometimes be fatal.



There are three ways that a product can be defective: a manufacturer’s defect, a design defect or labeling/warning defect.


Manufacturer’s Defect: A product has a manufacturer’s defect when it is the “one-off” product from the manufacturer. This means the product was not built or created to the product specifications at the manufacturer level.


Design Defect: A product has a design defect when it is created to specifications but has an inherent defect in the design which exposes users to danger. Part of proving that a product was designed defectively is by showing that the product had a “reasonably alternative design” that would have “cured” the apparent defect.

Failure to Warn: Warnings are not required on all products. Product warning labels are required to provide a consumer warning statement when the product presents a danger that the manufacturer is aware of – even if the product danger is not apparent to the average consumer.

Regardless of what the product defect may be, if you were not using the product as it was designed and intended to be used, your claim may be barred. If you were injured due to unintended use of the product, the manufacturer, retailer, designer, and other parties that may be involved in the product creation may not liable for any injuries caused by the product.

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