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Learn more about The Longo Firm, LLC, a Colorado Springs law firm focused on you

“We always put our clients’ first, whether it’s the little things or the big things. That’s just the philosophy of how we do things.”

            - Attorney Stephen A. Longo

At The Longo Firm, LLC, we believe that all injury victims are entitled to exceptional legal representation. We are not like other law firms or the law firms that advertise on television. We offer big firm experience with personalized service tailored to each individual’s unique legal needs.

Many law firms talk about putting their clients’ needs first. We believe actions speak louder than words. Our talented legal team takes the time to find the details that matter in every legal case. Whether it’s carefully examining accident reports or analyzing inspection records, we leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the truth.

About our firm – what sets us apart

“When clients first meet with us, we want them to be confident in our abilities. We set out a good game plan for what needs to happen, what the expectations are moving forward. My goal is we want them to leave feeling relieved. We want them to feel they made the right call.”

            - Attorney Longo

Our law firm was created in order to provide the highest quality legal representation for the people who need it the most. That’s why we take on the toughest cases, regardless of how much money someone has to hire a lawyer. We can work this way because we work on a contingency fee basis. That means we only get paid if we win your case.

What to expect when you hire us

“We want people to be comfortable when we establish a relationship with them. We don’t want barriers between us.”

            - Attorney Longo

You’ll notice the difference the first time you contact our law firm. When you call us, you will talk directly to attorney Longo or he will call you right back as soon as possible. Once you talk to him, he will be accessible on your terms. You can reach him directly on his cellphone or his office phone when you need to talk to him about your case.

Our personalized approach and attention to detail consistently produces sizable settlements, verdicts and other case results. Our hands-on style also probably explains why we consistently receive positive reviews from clients. Read our testimonials. We’re the law firm people choose when they need us the most.

Get the law firm that gets you. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation today with attorney Longo. We handle legal cases throughout Colorado and Arizona.

The Longo Firm, LLC – your legal needs always come first here.

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