• Stephen Longo

Constant vs. Effective: Client Communication Pt. 2

Our clients come to us during some of their most challenging times - often injured at work or a car or truck collision. When I work with individuals who may be facing a lost paycheck or medical bills, they can feel overwhelmed and sometimes bullied by insurance companies. In these cases, communicating with your attorney in an effective and efficient way is paramount.

Most personal injury attorneys will offer “constant” communication but that is rarely handled by the attorney. Usually, “constant” communication means that a paralegal or case manager will be checking in with you every couple of weeks or even every couple of months. But what is actually going on with your personal injury case? What is your attorney doing during that time?

The Longo Firm does not believe “constant” communication is sufficient – you need to have effective communication with your attorney. This is exactly what The Longo Firm offers – effective communication with attorney/founder, Stephen Longo. Stephen will speak with you about your injuries, your treatment and how it is impacting your case.

You’ll never have to ask, “what is the status of my case?” or “what is going on with my case?”. We don’t believe you should ever have to ask “what is going on with my case” – your attorney should be telling you through effective communication.

The Longo Firm takes pride in effectively and efficiently communicating with their clients. We discuss how individual aspects of your case are having an impact on your case as a whole. We explain the process, what to expect, timelines, etc. The Longo Firm believes that effectively communicating with our clients sets us apart from a client experience standpoint, as well as how we deliver outstanding results on your case.

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