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Colorado Motorcycle Accident Fatalities Surge in the Summer

Motorcycle Accident

With more bikes on the road, drivers need to do their part to avoid causing serious collisions with motorcyclists.

Motorcycle accident deaths become increasingly common during the summer months in Colorado Springs, which has already started this year with 11 motorcycle accident fatalities, according to KOAA News 5.

“It is sad to see those numbers climb,” said Chris Horton, a motorcycle safety instructor in Colorado Springs. “But unfortunately, there's just a lot of things going on, whether that be at an intersection with that interaction of traffic going multiple directions, or in a curve where the motorcyclist tends not to do the things that they should probably be doing.”

Indeed, motorcyclists can protect themselves and their passengers by obeying the rules of the road and avoiding reckless behavior while riding. Unfortunately, far too many serious motorcycle wrecks result from negligence by other drivers, many of whom are speeding, texting, impaired, or driving recklessly when they cause an accident. As a result, motorcycle accident victims can be left with extensive medical bills and other costly losses.

Unfortunately, recovering fair and full compensation for injured riders is often an uphill battle. Crash victims have recourse through the civil justice system, but insurance companies are known for delaying, disputing, and denying motorcycle accident claims to limit compensation and protect profits. As such, having an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in your corner to deal with the insurance company can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case.

Colorado motorcycle accident fatalities

Like other motor vehicle deaths, motorcycle accident fatalities have surged higher in recent years nationwide and in Colorado. Despite fewer drivers on the road during the pandemic, motorcycle accident deaths reached a new high in 2020.

A record 5,579 motorcycle riders died in 2020 in the U.S.—an 11 percent increase compared to 2019 and the highest single-year motorcycle accident death toll in history, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

In Colorado, the state set a single-year record in 2020 for motorcycle accident fatalities, as 140 motorcyclists died in accidents that year, a 35.9 percent increase compared to 2019. Colorado Springs also set a record for motorcycle accident fatalities in 2020, when 26 motorcyclists died in El Paso County, where Colorado Springs is located.

Last year, Colorado recorded the second-highest motorcycle accident death toll with 137 fatalities, according to the NHTSA and KOAA News 5.

Why do more motorcycle accidents happen in summer?

Motorcycle accidents are more common during the summer because there are more motorcyclists on the road. That's the easy explanation.

However, a deeper look into the problem reveals that motorcycle accidents have become more common due to increased aggressive driving by other motorists.

Some of the common ways other drivers cause motorcycle accidents are:

  • Speeding. Over the last three years, speeding has been a major factor in motorcycle wrecks nationwide.
  • Distracted driving. Far too many motorists engage in texting and driving, even though it’s against the law in Colorado.
  • Not looking out for motorcyclists. CDOT Traffic Safety Communication Manager Sam Cole told KOAA News 5 that too many drivers don't watch out for motorcyclists or are unaware of them on the road.
  • Impaired driving. Drunk drivers or drivers under the influence of drugs are dangerous to everyone on the road, especially motorcyclists. Motorcycle riders don't have the same protection as those inside an enclosed vehicle equipped with safety features like seat belts and airbags.
  • Fatigued driving. Drivers who fall asleep at the wheel can drift into the oncoming lane and cause a head-on collision with a motorcyclist.

In most cases, you probably won't know exactly why a reckless driver hit you while riding your motorcycle. However, proving negligence is critical to a successful motorcycle accident claim, and without the right evidence to support your case, you could lose out on the compensation you deserve.

How a motorcycle accident lawyer can help

The losses sustained by injured riders can quickly add up to thousands of dollars or more. But to the insurance company handling your claim, your damages represent nothing more than a threat to their bottom line.

At The Longo Firm, LLC, attorney Stephen A. Longo and his dedicated legal team can ensure your rights are protected and your best interests represented throughout the entire process of recovering compensation for your losses. We respect the Colorado motorcycle community and believe in holding those who cause serious motorcycle wrecks accountable.

To find out how our law firm can help you, contact us right away to learn more about your legal rights and options. We handle motorcycle accident cases throughout Colorado and Arizona.

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