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Colorado Ramps Up Safety Efforts for Motorcycle Awareness Month

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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. In observance, the Colorado Department of Transportation is ramping up its safety efforts to protect riders as we enter peak motorcycle riding season in the state. Despite a slight decrease in motorcycle fatalities in 2023, ensuring motorcycle awareness remains a concern, especially when motorcycle accidents spike during the summer months.

In 2023, Colorado witnessed 134 motorcyclist deaths—a 10% reduction from 2022. In 2021, Colorado ranked second in the nation for motorcycle fatalities, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents?

The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure of motorists to detect motorcycles on the road. This is primarily due to inattention, distraction, or failure to check blind spots. Motorcycles are inherently less visible than larger vehicles, making them susceptible to being overlooked by drivers during lane changes, turns, or at intersections.

Additionally, speeding and reckless driving behaviors contribute to motorcycle accidents. These factors, combined with the lack of structural protection inherent in motorcycles compared to cars, increase the severity of injuries sustained in such accidents.

What are the safety tips for motorcycle awareness?

The weight and size of cars and trucks present a significant danger to motorcycles on the road. Drivers must maintain a safe distance from motorcycles to prevent collisions, especially when trailing behind one. Intersections pose serious risks as drivers of larger vehicles may overlook approaching motorcycles.

Additionally, drivers can increase motorcycle awareness by eliminating distractions. Texting, eating, or adjusting the radio while driving diverts attention from the road and increases the likelihood of motorcycle accidents. By staying attentive and minimizing distractions, drivers can anticipate and respond to motorcycles effectively, thereby enhancing road safety.

How will the new Colorado legislature help safeguard motorcyclists?

Senate Bill 24-079 (Motorcycle Lane Filtering & Passing) was signed into effect on April 4 of this year. It introduces provisions for lane filtering, which would allow motorcycles to move between stationary vehicles on the road. This legislation is set to be enforced starting August 7, 2024, and will grant motorcyclists permission to pass or overtake other vehicles under specific conditions:

  • Vehicles ahead are at a standstill, such as at a traffic signal.
  • The lanes offer adequate width for safe maneuvering between cars.
  • Motorcycles maintain a speed limit of no more than 15 miles per hour while passing.
  • Upon the movement of stationary vehicles, motorcyclists must cease passing.

This bill could help improve motorcyclists' safety by providing them with legal means to navigate through traffic and reduce their vulnerability to certain types of accidents. For example, by allowing motorcycles to move between stationary vehicles when traffic is at a standstill, the legislation reduces the risk of rear-end collisions.

Injured in a motorcycle accident in Colorado Springs, CO?

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