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Teen Driver Fatalities Surge 53% in Colorado This Year

A young teen driver who's distracted using her phone while behind the wheel.

In Colorado, the state has witnessed a troubling rise in fatal accidents involving teenage drivers. According to 9 News, an alarming statistic reveals that more than 16,000 teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 have been involved in car accidents across the state, resulting in an average of 57 accidents caused by teens each day.

While there are driving restrictions in place for teenagers based on their age and a specific timeframe, this year alone has seen the tragic loss of 61 teen drivers in car accidents in Colorado. Road users of all ages face the risk of being involved in accidents every day. Still, everyone needs to recognize the heightened danger posed by young, inexperienced drivers on Colorado's roads. Understanding these risks is crucial for all drivers to prioritize road safety in the state.

What puts teen drivers at risk?

Experience plays a big role in safe driving, which teens ultimately lack. The Colorado Department of Transportation traffic safety manager said the first year of driving is the most dangerous. When it comes to teen drivers, three significant crash factors stand out: speeding, distracted driving, and an overall lack of awareness on the road. These factors make the early driving years especially risky for young drivers.


Speeding is a big reason why teen car crashes can be deadly. When you speed, it's harder to control the car. And if something unexpected happens, there's less time to react. Teen drivers might not realize that a few extra miles per hour can make a huge difference. Peer pressure from friends, seeking thrills, and inexperience can lead to a teen's decision to speed. The higher the speed, the more devasting the crash.

Distracted driving

When teens use phones or get caught up in other distractions while driving, it's impossible for them to drive safely. By taking their eyes off the road, they're essentially driving blind. Although texting might only take a few seconds, that's all it takes to cause a crash with serious consequences. Texting, eating, and speaking with passengers causes teens to become less aware of their surroundings. According to several traffic safety studies, this is especially true with other teens in the vehicle - the more teenage passengers, the more distracted teen drivers often are.

Lack of awareness

Not being fully aware while driving is another issue that can lead to fatal teen crashes. This could mean daydreaming, not checking mirrors, or not realizing changes in traffic or obstacles in the road. When teens aren't fully aware, they might miss a stop sign, another driver changing lanes, or a pedestrian trying to cross the road. This lack of attentiveness increases the likelihood of a fatal crash.

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