Animal Attacks

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Even though most animals are very endearing to people, the most common animal attacks in the United States are dog bites. More than 4 million serious bites occur each year, with many involving small children. Bites can range from minor wounds that just require simple clean-up to concerns for serious diseases like rabies and MRSA.

 What To Do After A Dog Bite:


The first thing to do after you or someone you know has been bitten or attacked by a dog is to locate the owner of the dog and get their name and contact information. Be sure to contact animal services and have a report made. Animal services will make sure to verify if the dog had a rabies shot and is properly vaccinated against diseases.


Be sure to seek necessary medical attention immediately. Sometimes dog bites can seem minor but secondary infections are common and can become serious quickly. Make sure to document everything and keep that documentation accessible.


Colorado has unique laws regarding dog bite cases and is centered around the “one-bite” rule. In summary, in order to collect full and complete damages, a dog bite victim must prove that the owner of the dog knew of the dog’s “dangerous propensities” or a history of biting people. This is most easily proved by the dog having a prior bite history; however, it can be evidenced without the dog having bit someone previously. 


In Colorado, a dog bite claim is not barred if the dog bite victim is unable to show the dog had dangerous propensities. However, if this cannot be evidenced, the dog bite victim’s claim may be limited solely to economic damages such as, past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, and earning capacity.

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