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How Compensation Works For Rear-End Accidents In Colorado

Colorado Springs rear-end accident lawyer explains how system works Rear-end accidents are one of the most common types of car accidents. Each year, an estimated 1.7 million rear-end crashes happen on average nationwide, according to car accident data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). That adds up to roughly 28 percent of...

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Study Reveals Pit Bulls Bit More People in Denver Last Year Than Any Other Breed

A Colorado dog bite lawyer breaks down the findings. According to a recent Axios Denver study that analyzed which dogs are the most dangerous, certain dog breeds are responsible for the most animal attacks in Denver. Researchers discovered three dog breeds accounted for the most dog bites – pit bulls, German shepherds, and Labrador retrievers....

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Colorado Motorcycle Accident Fatalities Surge in the Summer

With more bikes on the road, drivers need to do their part to avoid causing serious collisions with motorcyclists. Motorcycle accident deaths become increasingly common during the summer months in Colorado Springs, which has already started this year with 11 motorcycle accident fatalities, according to KOAA News 5. “It is sad to see those numbers...

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New CDOT Safety Campaign Reminds Drivers Not To Speed

Speeding is a leading cause of fatal car accidents. Speeding is aggressive and reckless driving behavior that endangers everyone on the road. Drivers who speed break the law and put themselves and others at risk of getting into severe car accidents. Speeding has become a consistent problem in Colorado, so much so that the Colorado...

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What Causes Shoulder Pain After a Car Accident?

Pain is often a symptom of a serious shoulder injury Shoulder pain after a car accident can start immediately or be delayed. In some cases, it may take days or weeks to develop. Once it hits you, though, the pain can be agony. Never ignore shoulder pain after a car accident. Crashes often destabilize shoulder...

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distracted driving accidents are often fatal...and preventable In Colorado and across the U.S., traffic safety advocates have designated April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Since distracted driving is a common cause of car accidents throughout the nation, efforts are being made to spread awareness, beef up enforcement, and help people open their eyes to the...

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Colorado Gets Help for Safe Rides During the Holidays

A Colorado Springs Car Accident Lawyer Explains The holidays mean festive parties in Colorado. They also mean too many people driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. While the dangers of drunk driving have been known for years, far too many people in Colorado make the reckless decision to get behind the wheel...

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Researchers: Bad Weather Has a Bad Effect on Vehicle Safety Systems

A Colorado car accident lawyer explains why Automotive manufacturers love to tout the latest in safe driving technology when advertising their vehicles. Known as advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS), they include everything from adaptive cruise control and anti-lock brakes to collision avoidance and lane departure warnings. Unfortunately for motorists, these systems are far from infallible...

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