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What should I do after a motorcycle accident?

What happens next and what else can I expect?

The moments after a motorcycle accident are often hazy, painful and terrifying. You’re lying in the street - maybe after being struck in a semi-truck’s blind-spot on Highway 115 or getting T-boned by a distracted driver at the intersection of Nevada and Pikes Peak avenues.

As you begin to come out of shock and realize what’s happening around you, the scene can be chaotic. Cars may still be speeding by while people could be seriously hurt, including you.

The Longo Firm, LLC, understands it’s hard to know what to do in a situation like this. That's why we have put together some steps you can take after a motorcycle accident that will hopefully improve your chances of recovering the maximum compensation for your injuries and lost property.

If you’ve been in a crash, contact motorcycle accident lawyer Stephen A. Longo. Our firm gives free consultations to potential clients. We can help you understand how much your claim is worth.

How to get maximum compensation from a motorcycle accident

If your health allows you, take these suggested steps safely at the scene of your accident:

  • Call 911. If emergency responders aren’t already on the scene, call the accident in to the police. Even if you think your accident was minor, a police crash report is an important document to have for your claim. Without an official record, people can change their stories and try to claim you caused the crash.
  • Don’t say much. The police and insurance companies are going to have a lot of questions about how your motorcycle accident happened. Be polite and cooperate with the police. Give them the documents they request like your driver’s license and registration.
  • You do not have to, nor should you, make statements about the details of your accident at the scene of the crash. At this point in time, you are still processing the action and your injuries and are probably still running on adrenaline. Do not provide details, or make, sign, or record a statement without first talking to an attorney.
  • An insurance adjuster might point out that policies require you to cooperate with their investigation if you want to get any compensation for your injuries. This is true, but it doesn’t mean you have to ruin your claim by making statements before you’re ready to do so. It’s perfectly reasonable to say that you are too rattled to respond to questions now and you will be in touch soon.
  • Make a timeline. While the accident is still fresh in your mind, write down everything you can remember about it. Be as specific as possible. You want to make sure to record the time of the crash, date, location, vehicles, statements made by people involved and the time of other significant events like when the police arrived. If you do not have any paper, you can record your voice on your phone.
  • Take videos and pictures. If you have your phone or other equipment available, take a video and pictures of the accident from multiple angles and distances. Focus on injuries and property damage.
  • Identify witnesses. The Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Springs Police, and other local officers, almost always include witness statements and identities in their accident reports. You should create your own list of witnesses by talking to people at the scene and getting their contact information. People are busy. They may leave before the CSP arrive. There are also some people who may refuse to talk to police but will testify to help someone hurt by another’s negligence.
  • See a doctor. It’s a good idea for anyone who was in an accident to get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible after a crash. Even if you were examined at the scene by an emergency responder, you should still make an appointment with a doctor. It’s possible for even the most experienced EMT to miss an internal injury or some other damage amid all the action. The sooner you see a doctor, the better. The longer you delay, the easier it will be for an insurance adjuster to claim your injuries happened after the accident.
  • Keep a journal, receipts, pay stubs, etc. Paperwork is proof. Save any records, emails, receipts, pay stubs, letters, voicemails, and reports related to your case. It may also be useful to keep a daily journal of the accident. You should record how the crash has changed your daily life and what it has cost you physically, emotionally and financially. The journal will help you to remember important details during the claim process.
  • Do not discuss your case with anyone. Talking about your accident with anyone other than your lawyer leaves you open to losing your claim. The insurance company will investigate your accident, which will include seeking first- and second-hand witnesses to interview.
  • Call a lawyer. You have the right to have a lawyer at your side during the accident claim process. A lawyer can often get injured people larger settlements than they would be able to negotiate on their own. Attorney Longo knows how insurance companies work and he knows the law. When our firm demands maximum compensation for our clients, it’s because that’s what they need. We work hard to support you with well-prepared, solid evidence that insurance companies can’t ignore.

No gimmicks. No games. Just results.

Due to the minimal protection motorcycles provide, accidents often result in serious injuries that can impact a person’s health for a lifetime. After a wreck, it is important that you get all the compensation you deserve to maintain your health for years to come.

Attorney Longo pursues the maximum compensation for his clients so they can make long-lasting, holistic recoveries. He knows that failing to get accident victims all the money they are owed could lead to years of financial struggle for their families. After all, trips to UCHealth Memorial Hospital aren’t cheap - especially if you’re paying for services out of pocket.

Get the lawyer that gets you

For more than 10 years, The Longo Firm LLC has been dedicated to helping accident victims win the money necessary to get their lives back on track. We offer free case evaluations to accident victims. Our legal team will listen to the details of your crash, what you require to heal and help you weigh your legal options.

If you’re worried about how “expensive” hiring a lawyer may be, know that in addition to free consultations, attorney Longo takes many cases on contingency. This means our payment is “contingent,” or depends on whether we win your claim. Our fee is calculated into your settlement or verdict and is paid for by the other party’s insurance company - not you. We only get paid when we win.

Contact The Longo Firm, LLC, in Colorado Springs. We can start designing a winning strategy specific to your case.

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