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Jackknife truck accidents can be complicated legal cases. This type of truck accident also often results in serious injuries. That’s because large tractor-trailers weigh significantly more than other vehicles often involved in such accidents.

Knowing what to do after a jackknife accident can be confusing. Even knowing what your rights are might not be clear. That’s why it’s critical that you have an experienced lawyer on your side, demanding the money you rightfully deserve.

Attorney Stephen A. Longo and his talented legal team at The Longo Firm, LLC, in Colorado Springs can help you every step of the way. We know what evidence to look for in such cases. We know how to deal with trucking companies and how to negotiate a fair settlement offer. We don’t back down from tough cases. We rise to the challenge.

What is a jackknife accident?

A jackknife accident is a particular kind of tractor-trailer accident. In such accidents, the trailer part of the truck folds in on the cab part of the truck at a 90-degree angle in a V-shape. Such accidents often happen at high speeds on highways.

These types of accidents can be very serious since other, smaller vehicles sometimes get trapped between the truck’s trailer and its cab. When that happens, the people inside the other vehicles often sustain serious injuries. Fatalities are also common, as well.

Why do jackknife accidents happen?

Jackknife accidents often occur at high speeds on highways because the truck driver was driving recklessly or the truck was not properly maintained. Specifically, such accidents often happen for the following reasons:

  • Excessive speeding, resulting in the truck veering out of control.
  • Distracted driving, especially if the truck driver was texting, looking up directions or simply not paying attention.
  • Falling asleep at the wheel, especially if the truck driver is a long-haul trucker working long hours without enough rest.
  • Poorly maintained truck, including tire blowouts or defective brakes.

Whatever the cause of your crash, make sure you have an experienced lawyer carefully investigating your accident and gathering evidence in support of your injury claim.

Who can I sue after my crash?

Many states have a fault-based insurance system, including Colorado and Arizona. In those states, the at-fault party is responsible to compensating injury victims for all their accident expenses. As a result, you have the right to take legal action against any at-fault party responsible for causing your accident.

In the case of a jackknife accident, the at-fault party might be one or more of the following:

  • The truck driver who caused your accident.
  • The trucking company the driver works for.
  • The company that owns the trailer.
  • The company that owns the truck’s cab.
  • The company that loaded the truck.
  • The company responsible for maintaining the truck.
  • The company that manufactured the truck.
  • The insurance companies for all these companies.

The stakes are high. Your accident could be worth thousands of dollars or significantly more. Trucking companies and insurance companies know this. That’s why they often do everything they can to reduce or deny your accident claim.

Don’t let them push you around. Make sure you have an experienced lawyer on your side, demanding the money you deserve. Your attorney can investigate your crash and negotiate the best possible settlement offer on your behalf. You have rights and your lawyer can fight for them.

Demand the money you deserve for your accident. Contact us.

The clock is running after your jackknife accident. The trucking company must only keep certain evidence for a few months, including Hours of Service (HOS) logs and the truck’s black box data (truck speed, if the brakes were applied, etc.) recorded by an electronic control module (ECM) or event data recorder (EDR). You also often only have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit or take other legal action.

Attorney Longo knows these important deadlines. He’s familiar with the state and federal laws that apply to such accidents. That’s why he has such a strong track record of success. In case after case, he consistently obtains sizable settlements or verdicts for injury victims. Case results matter here.

Demand the money you deserve after your jackknife accident. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation. We know what to do and we’re prepared to do the work to get the job done right.

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