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What should I do after a truck accident?

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Knowing what to do after a serious truck accident can be confusing. Even knowing what options are available might not be clear. That’s why it’s important to understand your rights and what steps you should take immediately after an accident.

Attorney Stephen A. Longo put together this list of suggested steps to take after an accident caused by a commercial truck driver. This list is based on years of experience working with injury victims at The Longo Firm, LLC, in Colorado Springs.

Keep in mind that every accident is different. As a result, you might need to take different steps depending on the circumstances of your crash. The best way to know what to do is to schedule a free case evaluation with attorney Longo. He can answer your questions and explain your options.

What should I do after my truck accident?

If a commercial truck driver caused your accident, you should consider taking the following steps to protect your rights and your health:

  • Call the police and tell them you have been injured in an accident caused by a truck driver. Ask the police to respond to your accident.
  • Have an ambulance sent to your accident if you or anyone else appears injured.
  • If you can safely do so, get the truck driver’s name, address, driver’s license number, insurance information and trucking company information if applicable.
  • If someone saw your accident, get the witness’ name and best number to contact them.
  • Take pictures of your accident or ask someone you trust to do so. Make sure to take photos of vehicle damage, accident debris and crash site in general.

Several hours or days after your accident, take the following steps:

  • Call your insurance company and tell them you were in an accident.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor or see a doctor for the first time. Many accident injuries – including concussions and whiplash – sometimes take several days to develop.
  • If the trucking company or its insurance company contacts you, do not talk to them. Anything you say can be used as evidence to deny your injury claim.
  • Don’t discuss your accident and post any information about it on social media. Again, your statements could be used as evidence to reduce or deny your claim.
  • Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to learn more about the legal options available to you.

You have rights. An experienced attorney can explain them to you and take the necessary steps to protect them and demand the money you deserve for your accident.

Demand justice after your accident. Contact us.

The clock is ticking after your accident. You often only have a limited amount of time to take legal action in most cases. Trucking companies also must only keep certain evidence for a limited amount of time, including Hours of Service (HOS) logs and the truck’s black box data, which records how fast the truck was going at the time of the crash, if the truck driver applied the brakes before the collision and other important information.

Attorney Longo knows how to deal with truck accidents, trucking companies and any legal issues that often come up in such cases. We know what evidence to look for, what questions to ask and which strategies are often the most successful. Our case results speak for themselves. So do our testimonials. We’re the law firm you want when it matters most.

Discover what we can do for you. Contact us and schedule an appointment today with attorney Longo. Our law firm handles truck accident claims throughout Colorado and Arizona.

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