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Do I Need Medical Payments Coverage in Colorado?

Any personal injury car accident can be overwhelming. Things can get worse if you find out that you do not have the right insurance coverage.

Here is why you absolutely need to have medical payments coverage on your Colorado automobile insurance policy:

  • You are required to have Medical Payments (MedPay) coverage in Colorado unless you specifically waive the coverage by rejecting in writing. Don’t be fooled into rejecting this coverage to save a few dollars – IT IS A MUST HAVE IN COLORADO.

  • MedPay is coverage that pays your medical bills from injuries related to an auto accident. The coverage is available whether or not the accident was your fault or someone else’s fault. If you were injured in an accident, the coverage is there to help pay your medical expenses. In Colorado, you can generally purchase MedPay coverage for $5,000.00, $10,000.00, $25,000.00 or even up to $100,000.00 with some insurance companies.

  • MedPay benefits are even better in Colorado because the coverage is not subject to “offset” or “subrogation.” In some other states, any MedPay benefits issued can reduce the amount of your recovery from the at-fault party or may be required to be paid back to your insurance company if you settle with the other party.

  • However, “offset” and “subrogation” does not apply in Colorado. This means that you are entitled to recover the full extent of your settlement from the at-fault party regardless of whether MedPay paid some of your medical bills. Further, your insurance company is not entitled to collect money out of your settlement to be paid back for MedPay benefits.

MedPay is extremely affordable with rates as low as $3-$5/month for some coverage. This makes MedPay a MUST HAVE in Colorado. Check your policy to make sure you have MedPay coverage and consider increasing the amount of your coverage.

Be sure to call The Longo Firm with any insurance coverage or auto accident-related questions. We are committed to our clients and their cases. Clients are never just another client to us. They are never assigned a case number. Throughout their case, The Longo Firm takes the time to get to know our clients and how their injuries have impacted them, their careers and their families. This is one way The Longo Firm offers a more personalized client experience; however, it is also a key aspect for us to obtain full justice settlements and verdicts.

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